Andino Especial Micro-Lot

This fruity, floral coffee is just one result of our relationships in Colombia. A partnered investment in our coffee’s production allows us not only a connection to the farm, but the ability to learn from real agricultural innovation. As such, we’re proud to offer the Andino Especial Micro-Lot.

As we strive for transparency in coffee, we are faced with real challenges accessing the true farmers that produce our coffees in remote areas. Through a multi-year personal relationship with an exporter in Colombia, we were able to source a special micro-lot from Andino, near the town of Bruselas, that seven farmers contributed to assemble: Albiero Calambas, Norbey Macias, Ana Nelly Luna, Sergio Daza, Arnoldo Hernandez, Edilma Piedrahita and Helio Roco. They are all members of Grupo Asociativo Café Andino Especial, which cooperatively produces about 1,000 bags per year. These seven producers are clearly managing their coffee right from pruning, development, harvesting and wet-processing.

The topography of Colombia is packed with vertical running valleys called veredas (ver-A-das). Andino comes from the west-facing side of the valley, which gets most of its sun late in the day, keeping the trees cooler longer — which in our experience leads to a wonderful acidity in the cup. Our Coffee Director, Byron Holcomb, is a farmer himself and has cupped aspect-specific lots to study this pattern.

The coffee is picked and wet milled on each individual farm. The coffee is then dried in raised beds called Parabolic Drying Beds. This process helps to prolong the life of the green beans while developing that beautiful clean and balanced acidity. To keep the cup tasting clean, we had the coffee shipped in vacuum-sealed boxes to preserve its freshness.

Colombia is a large country, so we chose two different profiles from Huila to explore the flavors of a region. Try Andino alongside the beautiful Los Idolos to get a sense of the nuance available lot to lot.

We find this coffee to be sweet and bright with beautiful clarity and floral notes of orange that fill out a supple and round body.