Philip Search representing Dallis at NERBC!

Philip Search of Dallis Bros. Coffee on the floor at the NERBC 2011! Go Philip!

Sílvia Magalhães speaks to Dr. Jones

Sílvia Magalhães 3 time Barista Champion of Brazi (Octavio Cafe) has a quick chat with the good Dr.Jones of Dallis Brothers Coffee. Sylvia flew in from Brazil to check out the Baristas skills at the NERBC 2011 competition. She was as we all are….Very IMPRESSED!!

Philip Search’s Ultimate Espresso Grinder

Philip Search of Dallis Brothers Coffee, who just round house kicked his time also created his own grinder. This grinder is a modified Bunn G1 with a whole lot of Philip’s style to it. Check it out, Very Cool!

Wiggles from Irving Farm

Wiggles from Irving Farm, shakin and groovin while pulling shots of espresso for the judges. Wiggles did a wonderful job with all the components of the competition.

Great Line by Jessica Roff

Jessica Roff is up and running using a Papa New Guinea from Dallis Brothers Coffee.

Jessica’s great line to the judges “I will be taking you on a Fire-Based Tasting Journey” Awesome Line!

Fire it up Jess! We are cheering you on.

Night before the NERBC

Pre talk on strategy for the barista competition

Brazil, our farm

NERBC 2011 – Let The Games BEGIN!

Teresa (dallis brothers) and Ann (Tamp Tamp) tasting coffee before the competition gets underway.