Beware of fire breathing dragons…

No, we are not talking about some sci-fi computer game.  We are talking about a full four bags of green coffee igniting and send an entire roasting system well over 1000 degrees!

Roaster Fire



















In coffee roasting facilities the question is always not “if” you will have a roaster fire, but “when”.  Although thankfully Irene wasn’t the catastrophic hurricane the press prognosticated for the northeast region, it did dump a few gallons of water into our roasting system.  This kept critical systems from engaging, and caused the beautiful coffee in our Jabez Burns Thermalo roaster to literally self combust!

Thanks to the skill and knowledge of our experienced crew the damage was kept to a minimum and no-one was injured.  Our production team handled most of our orders on the vintage Probats that were unaffected, roasting late into the night.  With the help of John Larkin’s bunch we had the roaster back on line the very next day and orders were going out the door.