Sílvia Magalhães speaks to Dr. Jones

Sílvia Magalhães 3 time Barista Champion of Brazi (Octavio Cafe) has a quick chat with the good Dr.Jones of Dallis Brothers Coffee. Sylvia flew in from Brazil to check out the Baristas skills at the NERBC 2011 competition. She was as we all are….Very IMPRESSED!!

Abe Carmelli does the Twist!

Watch that dastardly Dan Mueller corner yet more prey in the shape of one Abe Carmelli, moderator on Home-Barista.com

Abe discusses the NERBC event space, trends in the home barista set and schools all those spro-mateurs out there in the gear they need in their own kitchens.

If you thought that was cool, keep tuned to dallisbroscoffee.com/nerbc and witness the unfolding action for yourself!

NERBC Day Two, take a bow…

And with that, we bring day two of the Northeast Regional Barista Competition here at beautiful Milk Studios to a close – but fear not!

We had a couple technical hiccups throughout the day getting all this great footage to you, the viewers, but that doesn’t mean the cameras weren’t rolling.  As we get through the night we’ll be posting all the video we took throughout the day but couldn’t get online immediately, so look forward to an abundance of new video to catch up on after you catch up on your zzzzz’s.


There’s no sleep on the schedule for the crew tonight, and we hope you make that sacrifice with us.  Join the barista crew at The Highline Loft tonight for what has been dubbed The Greatest Latte Art Throwdown of All Time, hosted by Dallis Bros Coffee and Cafe Grumpy!  The fates of the brave baristas will be tested, pairs pouring head to head the design decided upon by The Great Wheel!

Come see our heroes put their meddle to the test, or even pour yourselves.  The prizes include… eh hmm… a plane ticket and travel expenses to Brazil to hang out in the Alta Mogiana region at one of Brazil’s premier coffee farms, followed by a coffee and culture crawl through São Paulo.

Other prizes include a top-of-the-line Baratza coffee grinder and a fabulous manual brewing package provided by Cafe Grumpy.

There will be booze.  There will be well-coiffed company.  There might be dancing.  You’ll regret not coming.

So come out and celebrate the coffee lifestyle with the baddest bunch of baristas this country has to offer!

Wiggles from Irving Farm

Wiggles from Irving Farm, shakin and groovin while pulling shots of espresso for the judges. Wiggles did a wonderful job with all the components of the competition.

Come to the NERBC party tonight!

You never know what could happen…


Benjamin Turiano from Joe Bean Coffee Roasters

With 3 minutes left on the clock and a very cool and calm approach, Benjamin Turiano whips up some latte art for the judges with a rockin latte.


Sam Penix from “Everyman Espresso”

Sam Penix from “Everyman Espresso” rocking with an exceptional performance. Sams final beverage included an egg yolk to increase density in the beverage. Great Work!

Kudos to Marcus from SCAA for bringing the NERBC live feed back up!

The man, the legend! Marcus and the SCAA crew spent a good chunk of last night figuring out how to get the NERBC 2011 live feed back up. Thanks Marcus!

For videos and up-tp-date info on all the NERBC activity: http://www.dallisbroscoffee.com/nerbc-2011/

Check out the live feed below:
Watch live video from SCAA/USBC on Justin.tv

Dan Mueller teaching the Renaissance of Latte Art

Dan (Raphael)Mueller of Dallis Brothers Coffee teaching some home baristas on the art of steaming milk and a dabble in latte art. Rosetta Anyone? Ill take one. Great job Dan.

NERBC – Day 1 in the Books

So first day of NERBC down and so much has already happened, first day of brewers cup had coffee people from Sweet Leaf NYC, Dallis Bros Coffee, Tamp Tamp, Irving Farm and more making coffee. And 15 outstanding baristas making espressos and caps and crazy sig drinks, like Mike Morgenstern (from Joe The Art Of Coffee‘s) dry ice carbonated Espresso ‘IPA’ and Jessica Roff (from soon to be Cafe Verde’s) fireside deconstructed s’mores. While we were worried she was going to burn up Aaron Ultimo’s shoes, disaster was averted. If watching competition is too nerve racking for you, there was the some great guest cafes taking care of folks at the 4th bar like Gimme Coffee! and Root Hill Cafe, and the pop up Dallis Bros Cafe, rocking a lever espresso machine. Did we mention how much coffee we had? A lot. Enough to be super excited about tomorrow and a host more baristas, brewers, coffee coffee and coffee! Now lets get our beer and dinner on at. (I mean you heard about the BGA party at everyman espresso right? Its tonight. Theme: drinking and dancing!

ps heard there was trouble with the NERBC live stream today, catch tons of archived videos at http://www.dallisbroscoffee.com/nerbc-2011/ and keep checking tomorrow for constant updates. catch the action almost live.