What has Ultimo Coffee been up to Gel-lately?

They’ve been hard at work practicing for this years’ NERBC, that’s what.  Here you see Brian Gelletly preparing, describing and serving his first set of cappuccinos.  Due to my angle, you may have to take it on faith that they looked incredible.

Keep it up Brian!  Coffee love knows no bounds!


How is it possible for Dan to be EVERYWHERE at once?!

You can ask him, IF you can find him.  GOOD LUCK!
Here’s a peek at how things are shaping up at 5th Bar Cafe.

Teresa von Fuchs, Beamin’ and Brewin’

As the 2011 NERBC chugs along, we have the distinct pleasure of seeing a manual-brew master at work.  Note the controlled pouring angle, impeccable posture and menacingly black ceramic Bon Mac cones!

Her opposition are trembling in their vintage flats and desert boots!

Faith Wieder Muggswigz coffee – NERBC 2011

Faith Wieder of Muggswigz Coffee and Tea Co based out of Canton, OH. Faith in the beginning of her 15 minutes of stage time, working on her unique espresso for the judges. Excellent work!

Samuel Lewontin- World Bean and Why Not? Coffee NERBC 2011

Samuel Lewontin – World Bean & Why Not? Coffee showing off some serious skills by creating a yogurt/milk based foam which compliments his Papa New Guinea Espresso (Counter Culture). Great job Samuel and Good Luck!

A Snippet from the Brewer’s Cup…

The Brewer’s Cup is a recent addition to the United States Barista Championship circuit.  In it, baristas are tasked with brewing a mystery coffee for a panel of judges before being given the opportunity to brew one of their personal favorite coffees.

This little competition is new to the circuit, but it’s making a big splash.  Finally, manual brewing is getting the widespread exposure it deserves!

Yong Gives Competition Life A Gao!

Competitor number 3 of the 2011 NERBC shows us what happens when steam is put to milk, and then milk to espresso, and then espresso to lips.

And in case you missed it, happiness is what happens.  Way to go, Yong!

Kendra Sledzinski Struts Her Stuff!

NERBC competitor number 2, Kendra Sledzinski of Spruce Street Espresso, shows us the beauty of relationship coffee and waxes poetic on the lengths her roaster, Counter Culture Coffee, will go to in order to enhance the coffee lifestyle from bean to cup.

Competitor 1, pt. 2!!

Sorry to keep her rabid fans waiting.

With absolutely no further ado whatsoever and nonewithstanding, please enjoy the second half of Charrow’s run!

Goodness Gracious, its that Groovy Gianni!

Nuova Simonelli espresso machine maestre takes a moment to give us the run-down on his company’s involvement in the USBC and drop a lil’ tidbit of juicy info for the coming year.

Also, check out the end for a bit of dining advice from the guy who knows.