Let’s kick it off with a bang!

Competitor numero uno of this year’s Northeast Regional Barista Competition kicks off with Charrow Charrow from Joe’s Cafe in Manhattan!
Witness what a true barista comp run should look like!
pt. 2 to come…

NERBC is live!

The NERBC has begun!  Come check it out.  If you find yourself in the ground floor lobby feeling lost there are two friendly faces to help you find your way.  Conor and Francesca are there to point you to elevators and tell you where to go.  See you soon.

Brazilians showing their support

Marcelo Crescente (Dallis Bros. Coffee) sits and chats with Silvia Magalhães (Octavio Cafe) about the upcoming classes and throwdown at the NERBC. Silvia has just arrived from Brazil and is excited to see what NYC has to offer in this years event.

An Introduction to 5th Bar Cafe

5th Bar Cafe is the exclusively Dallis Bros-branded cafe located in the entrance to the event.  All coffees are brewed in either a slow-brew method or on a beautifully-crafted Victoria Arduino lever espresso machine from Nuova Simonelli.  Come by and grab one of our gorgeous Cup of Excellence coffees or grab a signature espresso from our very own barista competitor, Philip Search!

Rusty Angell on the Bunn Trifecta

Our friend Rusty from Bunn takes a moment to discuss the Bunn Trifecta, a brilliant new by-the-cup brewing device that automates a lot of the finicky manual-brew techniques to craft complex, reproducible cups every time.

Oooooo bubbles!

Night before the NERBC

Pre talk on strategy for the barista competition

Brazil, our farm

Full-swing, full-steam, full flip cam!

Hey Guys,

Dan from Dallis Bros Coffee here!  The wheels are really moving now at the Northeast Regional Barista Competition.  I’m here with the whole crew from Dallis Bros capturing the event in all its glory on a wonderful lil’ pocket cam, so look forward to lots of fantastic video.

But for now, a taste of things to come…  as we move through the competition together, my team and I will try to bring the action front and center to you and to generations to come.  We’ll be covering topics ranging from who’s who in the industry, fancy new toys that have all the baristas slobbering on their slim ties and some hot button issues bringing beads of sweat to the foreheads of the coolest of the cool.

Rest assured that if it’s newsworthy, we’ll have it to you.  In the meantime, stick around with us for a while and we’ll try to show you a good time at NERBC!

Thanks everyone!

-Dallis Bros Crew

NERBC 2011 – Let The Games BEGIN!

Teresa (dallis brothers) and Ann (Tamp Tamp) tasting coffee before the competition gets underway.

Bon Mac, Takahiro, Baratza oh my! ON SALE at the 5th Machine Tasting Bar, NERBC!

That’s right people – not only can you check out some of the best baristas in all the land, take in classes taught by coffee pros, but you can also take home the toys to brew up your own elixirs and test your skills at home.  Pick up some of the home brewing apparatus that make your own kitchen a mini-café.

See us at the 5th Machine Tasting Bar as you enter the NERBC to pick up your Bon Mac Siphon, Bon Mac Ceramic Dripper, Bodum Chambord Press Pot, Hario Skerton Hand Grinder, or Takahiro Kettle today through Sunday!