Yong Gives Competition Life A Gao!

Competitor number 3 of the 2011 NERBC shows us what happens when steam is put to milk, and then milk to espresso, and then espresso to lips.

And in case you missed it, happiness is what happens.  Way to go, Yong!

Kendra Sledzinski Struts Her Stuff!

NERBC competitor number 2, Kendra Sledzinski of Spruce Street Espresso, shows us the beauty of relationship coffee and waxes poetic on the lengths her roaster, Counter Culture Coffee, will go to in order to enhance the coffee lifestyle from bean to cup.

Competitor 1, pt. 2!!

Sorry to keep her rabid fans waiting.

With absolutely no further ado whatsoever and nonewithstanding, please enjoy the second half of Charrow’s run!

Goodness Gracious, its that Groovy Gianni!

Nuova Simonelli espresso machine maestre takes a moment to give us the run-down on his company’s involvement in the USBC and drop a lil’ tidbit of juicy info for the coming year.

Also, check out the end for a bit of dining advice from the guy who knows.

A formal(-esque) introduction…

Dan Mueller, resident rogue on the run, introduces the 4th Bar at NERBC 2011.  Over the course of the competition the 4th Bar will play host to a series of competitors signature espressos, but for now they are pulling New York Espresso from Dallis Bros Coffee!
Today the 4th Bar is sponsored by Root Hill Cafe in Gowanus.  Make sure to drop in sometime and say “hi” to the crew at Root Hill!

Let’s kick it off with a bang!

Competitor numero uno of this year’s Northeast Regional Barista Competition kicks off with Charrow Charrow from Joe’s Cafe in Manhattan!
Witness what a true barista comp run should look like!
pt. 2 to come…

NERBC is live!

The NERBC has begun!  Come check it out.  If you find yourself in the ground floor lobby feeling lost there are two friendly faces to help you find your way.  Conor and Francesca are there to point you to elevators and tell you where to go.  See you soon.

Brazilians showing their support

Marcelo Crescente (Dallis Bros. Coffee) sits and chats with Silvia Magalhães (Octavio Cafe) about the upcoming classes and throwdown at the NERBC. Silvia has just arrived from Brazil and is excited to see what NYC has to offer in this years event.

An Introduction to 5th Bar Cafe

5th Bar Cafe is the exclusively Dallis Bros-branded cafe located in the entrance to the event.  All coffees are brewed in either a slow-brew method or on a beautifully-crafted Victoria Arduino lever espresso machine from Nuova Simonelli.  Come by and grab one of our gorgeous Cup of Excellence coffees or grab a signature espresso from our very own barista competitor, Philip Search!

Rusty Angell on the Bunn Trifecta

Our friend Rusty from Bunn takes a moment to discuss the Bunn Trifecta, a brilliant new by-the-cup brewing device that automates a lot of the finicky manual-brew techniques to craft complex, reproducible cups every time.

Oooooo bubbles!