Night before the NERBC

Pre talk on strategy for the barista competition

Brazil, our farm

Full-swing, full-steam, full flip cam!

Hey Guys,

Dan from Dallis Bros Coffee here!  The wheels are really moving now at the Northeast Regional Barista Competition.  I’m here with the whole crew from Dallis Bros capturing the event in all its glory on a wonderful lil’ pocket cam, so look forward to lots of fantastic video.

But for now, a taste of things to come…  as we move through the competition together, my team and I will try to bring the action front and center to you and to generations to come.  We’ll be covering topics ranging from who’s who in the industry, fancy new toys that have all the baristas slobbering on their slim ties and some hot button issues bringing beads of sweat to the foreheads of the coolest of the cool.

Rest assured that if it’s newsworthy, we’ll have it to you.  In the meantime, stick around with us for a while and we’ll try to show you a good time at NERBC!

Thanks everyone!

-Dallis Bros Crew

NERBC 2011 – Let The Games BEGIN!

Teresa (dallis brothers) and Ann (Tamp Tamp) tasting coffee before the competition gets underway.

Bon Mac, Takahiro, Baratza oh my! ON SALE at the 5th Machine Tasting Bar, NERBC!

That’s right people – not only can you check out some of the best baristas in all the land, take in classes taught by coffee pros, but you can also take home the toys to brew up your own elixirs and test your skills at home.  Pick up some of the home brewing apparatus that make your own kitchen a mini-café.

See us at the 5th Machine Tasting Bar as you enter the NERBC to pick up your Bon Mac Siphon, Bon Mac Ceramic Dripper, Bodum Chambord Press Pot, Hario Skerton Hand Grinder, or Takahiro Kettle today through Sunday!


NERBC Saturday Night Party – Throwdown Update

Yes it is true – the first round of 24 pre-registration slots for Saturday night’s extreme throwdown were gone in just a few hours!  24 more slots will be available on a first come first serve basis at the venue beginning at 7:00 pm:

West Chelsea Arts Building
508 W 26th Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10001
See you there!

How do you get to the NERBC? Practice… practice… practice

Late night activities in Ozone Park!  It’s crunch time and baristas everywhere are perfecting their pours and shaving precious seconds off their times as Friday approaches!

USBC Brewers Cup Introduction

NERBC Saturday Night Throwdown – Win a trip to Brazil!

Attention spro-slingers, microfoam marauders and all manner of coffee geek in the NorthEastern United States!

This is a call to arms for those daring, devious and dashing enough to stand to the challenge of becoming the

Come join the NYC coffee community for one night of debaucherous, milk-crazed madness in the GREATEST LATTE ART OF ALL TIME!

But be wary!  For it is not we who decide our fate, but the sinister WHEEL OF DESTINY!

The great barista callers are challenged to pour, head-to-head, the design fated them by the venerable wheel.

The designs are simple: heart, multi-layered tulip or rosetta.

Those who pour with patience, precision and polish will advance through the ranks towards their ultimate fate –
a glorious adventure to the origins of some of the worlds greatest beans:  BRAZIL!  A tour de force of the Octavio Cafe, the Sao Paolo cafe scene, and the Nossa Senhora Aparecida farm in the Alta Mogiana region all await the victor.

Those who crumble under the great pressures of sport must walk into the night alone, but with great resolve!

So, for those of you who have what it takes, stand tall and represent this great region in what the history books shall


Registration details coming soon!  Stay tuned…

The Skinny Pig enjoys the Alma 33 Hospitality

Dallis Bros Coffee Tasting at Alma 33


What’s more important to a busy New Yorker than a good cup of coffee? That was my thought process when I got invited to this coffee-centric dinner and drinks event last week, hosted by Alma 33 and Dallis Bros Coffee. The event was to promote the coffee from Octavio Cafe, named the best cafe in Sao Paolo, Brazil in 2009 and 2010. From start to finish, our drinks and dishes were laced with a bit of Octavio coffee and served with either a coffee-based cocktail or a cup of smooth and nutty espresso. Aside from the effects coffee and cocktails will have on your bladder, it was a lovely tasting and I learned so much about coffee! I had no idea it could get so involved. They showcased three different brewing methods on these contraptions that you would expect to see in some crazy, mad scientist’s lab. I have a Keurig Mini – it’s all I can handle. This is embarrassing to admit, but despite my cooking skills, I still don’t know how to make coffee. There, I said it. My mom is probably reading this and shaking her head in shame…

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