Battle of the Baristas in the New York Times

Battle of the Baristas
Oliver Strand in Diner’s Journal at the New York Times

Kelly Choi goes to Brazil with Dallis Bros Coffee

A Visit to Dallis Bros. Coffee in Serious Eats: New York

Coffee Chronicles: A Visit to Dallis Bros. Coffee
Liz Clayton in Serious Eats NY

NY Restaurant Examiner Writes: “Coffee: the next wine”

Howard Portnoy of the NY Restaurant Examiner wrote a wonderful follow-up piece discussing his observations after our recent coffee and cuisine evening with our friends at Tom Colicchio’s Craftbar.

Martha Stewart Radio Coffee Talk with Dallis Bros Monday, January 24th

John Moore of Dallis Bros Coffee will be the special guest of Martha Stewart Radio Monday, January 24th.  Be sure to tune in at 7:30 a.m. as DJ’s Betsy Karetnick and Kim Fernandez dive into the world of specialty coffee roasting.

Village Voice says, “Karloff Brings the Good Life to Brooklyn U.”

Congrats to our friends at Karloff for getting a great write up in the Village Voice.  Check out Olga rockin’ that siphon!  She also made me an amazing NY Espresso Americano off of their La Marzocco GB5 about 6 weeks ago, and I highly recommend checking them out the next time you are in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.

Edible Manhattan features Dallis Bros as partner of Eat Drink Local Week!

Dallis Bros Coffee is proud to help New York City’s locavores extraordinaire celebrate Eat Drink Local WeekEdible has featured Dallis Bros in both Edible Manhattan and Edible Brooklyn editions, and we are thrilled to help them make Eat Drink Local festivities buzz.  Look for special offers on Dallis Bros Coffees at your neighborhood Whole Foods locations!

edible blog feature

Eat Drink Local with Dallis Bros Coffee

NY Daily News

The NY Daily News published today an article on Dallis Bros. Coffee and our monthly factory tours. Click on the image to see the article in full resolution.

We open our doors the first Saturday of every month to host monthly tours of our roastery with a formal coffee tastings. To reserve a spot, email us at .

Serious Eats – Coffee Tree to Cup in Brazil

On June 14th, started a 5-part series featuring our coffee farm in Brazil, Fazenda Nossa Senhora Aparecida!

Now, we may want to explain this better. As some of you know, our company has a coffee farm and roastery in the Alta Mogiana region of Brazil (São Paulo state) and a breath-taking 12,000 ft² cafeteria in the city of São Paulo. We’ll have more on this later as our blog has just come to life…

With that said, in this series, journalist Carey Jones goes through the entire cycle of growing and production of the coffee that we serve at Octavio Café in São Paulo. The articles are very detailed and a great read, as they show a coffee production process that is relatively sophisticated, unique in several ways and that challenges many paradigms in the specialty coffee world today.

This is a fantastic introduction to the world of Dallis Bros. Coffee and Octavio Café. We certainly couldn’t have written it better ourselves! In future posts, we’ll explain in more detail how we grow, process, roast and brew Octavio Café.

Stay tuned and have fun!

Coffee Tree to Cup in Brazil: Part I, The Farm
Coffee Tree to Cup in Brazil: Part 2, The Harvest
Coffee Tree to Cup in Brazil: Part 3, The Processing
Coffee Tree to Cup in Brazil: Part 4, The Roasting
Coffee Tree to Cup in Brazil: Part 5, The Drink

Ozersky Does Dallis – A Tour of Dallis Coffee

Second part of Josh Ozersky’s visit to our roastery.

A Tour of Dallis Coffee from Ozersky.TV on Vimeo.