Coffee Director Byron Holcomb and Barista extraordinaire Danielle Glasky hit Brasil

One fateful night many moons ago during the epic NERBC competition here in NYC for the first time a tremendous throwdown and party was held.  Featuring the notorious “wheel of destiny”, baristas faced off mano-a-mano, pouring their hearts out (literally) for a some rather remarkable prizes.

Danielle Glasky, who you can find most days working the bar at Cafe Grumpy, ended up winning when our celebrity panel of judges Dave Arnold, Silvia Magalhães and Kelly Choi picked her pour unanimously. Just this past week Danielle was able to join our Coffee Director Byron Holcomb on her first trip to origin.  The two of them were able to visit our Octavio Cafe brethren in Brasil, and also took a trip north to the Alta Mogiana region where they visited the beautiful Nossa Senhora Aparecida farm.

More updates to come…