Irreverence Espresso

Say the word “blend” to some coffee people, and they will hear the word “boring”. While we at Dallis Bros. know a blend can be far beyond boring, we’ve pushed the envelope this time with Irreverence, a fresh, dynamic, and essentially intense blend created to turn the very notion of blended balance on its ear. While our mainstay espressos are well-tempered crowd pleasers, Irreverence is anything but simple: it’s an equation that’s more than the sum of its two intense parts.

Irreverence is a misnomer, in fact, because we created this blend entirely out of our reverence for the barista craft and the passion of those who constantly seek to expand their understanding, and love, of coffee. We’ve made an espresso that’s meant to be both exciting and delicious: not to intimidate, but to enlighten.

Sweet, citric and berry-driven with notes of lavender in the finish.

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