New York Espresso Blend

From the days nearly 100 years ago when brothers Abe and Morris Dallis began their horse-and-buggy coffee trade on the cobbled streets of New York City to the changing times of today, Dallis Bros. Coffee has always kept the tastes of New Yorkers at the forefront of their business. Though times — and roasting styles — have changed as the city’s grown, so has Dallis Bros. grown with them, keeping a constant focus on innovation and quality while always working to craft that perfect cup.

Working in tandem with our Q Graders and artisanal roasters, Dallis Bros. Director of Coffee chooses coffees from a year-round rotation of harvests to maintain the balanced, intense and direct flavors of our trusted New York Espresso blend across the growing seasons of the world, and the dynamic seasons of New York City itself.

New York is a city full of people constantly striving, and Dallis Bros. is no different as it continues to strive to create that perfect New York cup, to drink from Canal Street to Riverside Drive, to end the finest meal or to pair with your Cannoli. Through our intimate experience with the city’s tastes, we’ve learned what New Yorkers want. This espresso blend offers something strong, a bit smoky, pleasantly bittersweet with hints of tobacco. As unreserved and vibrant as the city itself.

Strong, smoky, and sweet. As unreserved and vibrant as the city itself.

Price: $14.00

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