Papua New Guinea Kimel Estate

Papua New Guinea is one of the most biologically and culturally diverse places in the world. This specific coffee comes from a single estate called Kimel Estate, along the Kimel River in the Western Highlands of the Wahgi Valley. The large estate is now cooperatively owned between the region’s native tribe, the Opais. The estate is 1,500 acres in size and has over 400 permanent employees, as well as medical facilities and a school.

This coffee is grown under shade with several ecological best practices in place. The pulp from washing the coffee is used as organic fertilizer in the fields. In the wet mill, the water is also recycled to use less water in the milling process, and preserve the valley’s river and streams.We’re proud to showcase this classically interesting, but not overstated, cup.

Download the info sheet for PNG Kimel Estate.

Notes of juicy citric acidity complement a sweet round body with savory undertones in the cup.

Price: $14.00

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