Brazil Fazenda Nossa Senhora Aparecida SWP Decaf

This coffee is many things: certified, traceable, and above all, delicious. At Dallis Bros., we have a lot of respect for decaf drinkers because we know they’re drinking coffee for the flavor, not the buzz.

We’re now proud to offer—for the first time—a decaffeinated coffee from our own farm in Brazil. We used Swiss Water Process Decaffeination to process our coffee and the taste is everything we’d hoped for. The Swiss Water Process only uses warm water and a very specialized carbon filter to decaffeinate coffee. The resulting decaf coffee both tastes like the original, caffeinated version, and maintains any certifications the farm might have, meaning Fazenda Nossa Senhora Aparecida Decaf is still Rainforest Alliance certified.

This beautiful decaf features subtle fruit notes and a medium body. It’s a versatile coffee that can be prepared as drip or espresso. Give our decaf a try and find out what the buzz is—without the buzz.

Learn much more about our very own farm here.

Download the info sheet for Nossa Senhora decaf.

Sweet and simple fruit notes in a big Brazilian-bodied coffee.

Price: $14.00

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