Colombia Santa Barbara Estate

Colombia’s coffee industry is world-renowned, and for good reason—this South American nation combines wonderful growing conditions and constant innovation to bring the best of its farms to your cup. The Santa Barbara Estate in Colombia’s department of Antioquia is a comprehensive, tree-to-export facility allowing the utmost traceability and quality control.

Selected for its incredibly coffee-friendly microclimate, volcanic soils, and altitude, the 350-hectare coffee farm has grown steadily since its inception, Santa Barbara Estate is a family run affair, overseen by producer Don Pedro Echavarria, his sons, and a growing family of more than 1000 workers who uphold this farm’s exacting standards for quality.

Enjoy the fruits of producer Don Pedro Echavarria’s labors, from this innovative farm and its advanced, meticulously controlled coffee mill. We couldn’t be happier to offer such a consistent, delicious coffee with the sweet-tart notes and liveliness that make Colombian coffees such a special part of the world.

Tart cherry up front, hint of lime, fades into sweet finish.

Price: $14.00

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