Competitor Spotlight: Anne Cooper

Anne at Mountaintop Estate, Australia

On this third year of hosting the Northeast Regional Barista Competition right here in New York City, and our 100th year as one of that same city’s very own specialty coffee roasters, we couldn’t be more excited to have two of our talented team competing in the upcoming festivities.

Anne Cooper is our roaster here, an international veteran talent with an infectious enthusiasm and a heck of a commute to work.

What coffee are you using?
Australian Bin 478 from Mountain Top Estate

Why’d you select it?
Because its a Rule Breaker!
Not only is it dear to my heart (by being Australian) but because it’s a coffee/origin that not many have heard of or tasted before. And I really wanted to give the judges a unique coffee experience.

How many times have you competed before?
Approx. 7 times in the Australian Barista comps at Regionals & Nationals.

What’s been the hardest part of your training?
Not actually getting my coffee & being able to roast it & get to know it better until only 2 weeks ago, as I was waiting on fresh crop to arrive…

Anne competes next week at the 2013 NERBC and Brewer’s Cup, catch her at 2:25pm EST on the live stream on Wednesday, February 20th!


4 Responses to “Competitor Spotlight: Anne Cooper”
  1. bernardrooney says:

    All the best! (Picture is looking across to Mt Top from my place), Bernie.

  2. bernardrooney says:

    Very nice presentation Anne, and a brilliant signature cup… if only we could have reached for that beer from Mt Top!

  3. AnneCooper says:

    Thanks Bernard!
    Well, we made it the Finals! :-)

  4. bernardrooney says:

    Great work Anne! We learnt a lot watching you.