Fazenda Nossa Senhora Aparecida, Brazil

Like our own coffee company, Fazenda Nossa Senhora Aperecida has a story built on a passion for coffee through generations. We couldn’t be happier to be partnered with this farm to bring such a pleasing, graceful coffee — full of smooth chocolate, hazelnut, and nougat—to New York City and beyond.

Octavio Coffee’s story starts back in 1890 when Giusepe and his son Vicente Quércia came to Brazil from Italy and began cultivating coffee. Octavio, Vicente’s son, followed the family tradition and began growing coffee in Alta Mogiana in the 1940s. Octavio knew that the good soil and altitude of the region would enable him to grow the highest quality coffee.

In 2002 Octavio’s son Orestes Quércia continued the family line and took over the company, implementing many new approaches to the farm. The farm has since been passed along to the fifth generation of Quércias — a true family heirloom. While still producing some of the finest coffees at the Nossa Senhora Aparecida farm, Octavio Coffee also includes a top of the line roasting facility and the Octavio Café, named the best café in São Paolo.

At Nossa Senhora Aparecida, sustainability is seen as an important part of quality coffee; high tech processes have been blended with ancient practices to ensure a continually regenerating land. The farm is also certified by the Rainforest Alliance and Utz Kapeh, two important social and environmental certifications.

In 2007, Octavio Coffee purchased and partnered with Dallis Coffee here in Queens, NewYork. Dallis Coffee is proud to represent the farm’s hard work, from its social and environmental efforts to its consistently delicious coffees. Each new harvest we visit the farm and taste each of the numerous lots that are just out of the fields. This coffee lot provides a deliciously sweet, smooth cup laden with notes of dates, nougat, almond butter, milk chocolate, and roasted hazelnuts.

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