This past year Dallis Bros Coffee had a seat at the judging table in the Honduras Cup of Excellence Competition. The competition environment is always incredible because in some cases a coffee that one group of judges falls in love with does not gain as much favor with another group, which can cost a given coffee a spot in the top final round. Reina Mercedes Claros celebrated last year when her Finca Liquidambar coffee placed 15th overall. Fortunately we were there when the same farm produced a coffee that we thought should have been in the top ten, but fell just one place out of the top finalists in the country. Reina Mercedes Claros found this 7 or so hectare farm in rough shape when she took it over just four years ago, but clearly her hard work has brought incredible results. Reaching national and international acclaim with consistently impressive outcomes at Cup of Excellence has solidified her family’s place amongst the finest coffee farmers in the country. She has 10 workers (8 are family members) all year round and about 30 workers during harvest that she brings from a nearby community.

Pruning is done manually with a macheteand shade is provided by the Liquidambar (sweetgum), Pine, Zapotillo, Eucaliptus, Prunes, Guamo, Guanijiquil, Banana, Lime, and Cedar trees that grow on the farm.
The department of Intibuca is home to the majority of the country’s native ”lenca” population (the indigenous Indians of Honduras) and boasts of some of the most temperate and fertile land in Central America. The area is picturesque with abundant pristine mountain water and air, with breath-taking cloud forest views. Due to these conditions, as well as the agrarian lifestyle of the Lencas, Intibuca produces about 80% of the vegetable produce of Honduras as well as some of the world’s finest cloud forest coffee. This Cup of Excellence National Award Winner is absolutely delicious, with a sweet flavor laden with papaya, peach, honey, cinnamon, cardamom, brown sugar, and pear like acidity. The body is creamy and smooth. Thank you to Reina Mercedes Claros and her family for producing this wonderful coffee.