Finca Siberia

When we select a coffee at Dallis Bros. Coffee, there is one requirement that must be met: it must make us say, “wow”. When our Director of Coffee, Byron Holcomb, first cupped this Pacamara, it was set among a selection of fantastic Central American microlots. This coffee was so beautiful, complex and intriguing that it stopped him in his tracks. Farmed near the birthplace of the Pacamara variety, this coffee is an exemplary offering of how sweet, acidic and balanced a Pacamara can be.

Luis Silva’s Finca Siberia is known to offer some of the best 100% Bourbon and 100% Pacamara coffees in El Salvador. Since 1870, the farm has been passed down through generations. We at Dallis Bros. Coffee can relate on a personal level to a commitment to sustainability that spans generations. Year after year, harvest after harvest, decisions are made to maintain quality and the environment.

Roasting a Pacamara is an art. The beans are exceptionally large due to their paternal genes from the Maragogype variety, dwarfing most other beans produced in Central America. The next consideration is density. Pacamara beans tend to be rather soft. The trick to roasting Pacamara is to get enough heat to the center of the bean without damaging the outside. Lucky for us we have talented roasters and a Probat G-45 that can make this coffee sing.