Los Idolos

Out of the shadows of illicit agriculture springs the beautiful Los Idolos, a beguilingly soft, citrusy coffee from Colombia’s flavorful Huila region. Though farmers in the area used to produce somewhat less…legal…crops, they now farm coffee, like this this butterscotch-sweet-and-savory microlot we’re proud to offer you.

Los Idolos comes from the region La Vereda de Los Cauchos in southern Colombia, in the Department of Huila (whee-la). The area’s rich history is still present today in the ancient statuary high on the hilltops, known to locals as “El Altos de Los Idolos”.

This coffee is brought to us by the Grupo Asociativo San Agustin Los Cauchos co-op. Like many remote regions in Colombia, coffee is not as lucrative as some more illicit crops. Since 2002 the co-op has committed to not growing such crops because of the tension that followed. The members made the conversion to producing quality coffee and have been rewarded with prices 35%-50% above the internal market. The premiums have helped them improve infrastructure in the community and improve their quality of life all while producing a legal (and safer) product.

This coffee is grown very near the microlot Andino. However, the farms in La Vereda de Los Cauchos differ in aspect. It is a mountainous region and the general aspect of the farms face east, meaning morning dew is burned off early and coffee trees spend more of the day in slightly hotter temperatures than the west-facing Andino. Both co-ops are very near San Agustin and yet the coffees taste distinctly different.

This uniquely sweet and savory coffee has overwhelming sweet caramel notes. The mandarin-orange-like acidity is soft and balanced, and brings out the depth in this coffee. Try it alongside our Andino to get a nuanced flavor comparison.