NERBC – Day 1 in the Books

So first day of NERBC down and so much has already happened, first day of brewers cup had coffee people from Sweet Leaf NYC, Dallis Bros Coffee, Tamp Tamp, Irving Farm and more making coffee. And 15 outstanding baristas making espressos and caps and crazy sig drinks, like Mike Morgenstern (from Joe The Art Of Coffee‘s) dry ice carbonated Espresso ‘IPA’ and Jessica Roff (from soon to be Cafe Verde’s) fireside deconstructed s’mores. While we were worried she was going to burn up Aaron Ultimo’s shoes, disaster was averted. If watching competition is too nerve racking for you, there was the some great guest cafes taking care of folks at the 4th bar like Gimme Coffee! and Root Hill Cafe, and the pop up Dallis Bros Cafe, rocking a lever espresso machine. Did we mention how much coffee we had? A lot. Enough to be super excited about tomorrow and a host more baristas, brewers, coffee coffee and coffee! Now lets get our beer and dinner on at. (I mean you heard about the BGA party at everyman espresso right? Its tonight. Theme: drinking and dancing!

ps heard there was trouble with the NERBC live stream today, catch tons of archived videos at and keep checking tomorrow for constant updates. catch the action almost live.