Ninth Street Espresso: Keeping it Real in NYC

Could there be a more authentic New York espresso experience than walking into Ninth Street Espresso? Since 2001, Ninth Street has been ahead of the crowd: pushing the envelope and changing the way this city sees an extraordinary cup of coffee. So it’s apropos that beginning this week, New Yorkers will enjoy the shop’s own Alphabet City Blend roasted by another local NYC coffee icon, Dallis Bros. Coffee.

“When Ninth Street first opened 10 years ago, our first coffee roaster was Dallis, and I am very excited to come full circle and get the opportunity to work with them again,” said Ken Nye, owner of Ninth Street Espresso.  

He added, “We have decided to bring our roasting back to NYC. We are really excited to work with an amazing local company that is as quality driven as we are. With all respect to our former roaster, we felt that the time was right to ‘go local’ and support a NY roaster that is doing some really amazing work right here in our own backyard.”

“We’re incredibly proud that Ken Nye chose Dallis Bros. Coffee to be the exclusive roasting partner for Ninth Street Espresso. In working with Ninth Street, we know that the coffees we take such care to source and roast will be given their best expression in the hands of quality obsessed baristas every day,” said John Moore of Dallis Bros Coffee.

“One look at the menu, the preparation, and the dedication in Ninth Street shops and you know that they stand for something special.  It isn’t about hype or marketing flash, it is about substance and quality in the cup —period. In this we are absolutely aligned.”

Look for Ninth Street’s own Alphabet City Blend, roasted by Dallis Bros. Coffee, on bar this week at each of the cafe’s three locations:

Alphabet City: 700 E 9th Street (at Avenue C)
Tompkins Square Park: 341 East 10th Street (between Ave A& Ave B)
and in the Chelsea Market, 75 9th Ave (between 15th and 16th Streets)

Ninth Street, we couldn’t be more pleased to have you back!