NY Times Diner’s Journal Celebrates the Northeast Regional Barista Competition

Oliver Strand has been championing the surge in specialty coffee here in NYC for quite some time.  His prose has been touting the skills of local coffee roasters, shops, baristas, and cafe culture.  It’s appropriate and significant that he too gets a chance to basque in the glow of everything that transpired this past weekend at the NERBC.

For the first time in history the Northeast Barista Championship was held here in New York City, and right in the heart of Manhattan across from Chelea Market (home to the Food Network).  All three top finalists were working with coffees roasted right here in the 5 boroughs, and all six baristas in the final round work for companies here in New York City.

The role that the press plays in sharing the coffee community’s message with the public cannot be overstated.  Peter Meehan’s work with the Times was critical to helping the quality driven shops in New York reach an audience previously unaware of the quality revolution.  Oliver Strand has continued in this tradition, and his latest post to the New York Times blogmust make him feel great.  Thanks to all those out there that helped to make it all possible!