Our Flickr page

Here at Dallis Bros. Coffee, we like sharing what we do because what we do is a lot of fun. We have fun employees and fun customers, and they happen to do fun things together very often. You can stay in touch with us through our website, this blog/news section, twitter, facebook and our Flickr page. As all our social media initiatives are just getting started (but we’ve been working on them for almost 2 years now), I wanted to introduce you today to a little piece of it, our Flickr page.

You can see it at http://www.flickr.com/photos/dallisbroscoffee/ or by searching flickr for dallis coffee.

We already have over a thousand pictures and videos of our farm/barista/cafe/restaurant/etc events, our artisanal coffee roastery in Ozone Park, NY, our beautiful coffee farm in Brazil, the farms we source coffee from around the world, detailed pics and video of how coffee is grown and produced, coffee drinks and all sorts of fun coffee stuff. We are a very open company and hope to share our existence and everything that is going on with us with all of you that care for us and that have kept us living well for 97 years. Whether you are a cafe that uses our coffee and wants to get pictures of the farm your coffee is coming from, or an online customer or you are just checking us out, our Flickr page has a lot about us and about coffee.

And make sure to check back often, as we have new material pretty much every week. Enjoy!