RBC NYC Presents “Coffee as a Culinary Medium”

In conjunction with the 2010 World Barista Competition, RBC NYC is premiering some of the countries top coffee specialists at “Coffee As a Culinary Medium.” On June 24, from 7pm – 9:30pm, five expert baristas will present the signature drink they created for this year’s regional and national competitions. Each barista will discuss the process of how they created a signature beverage and used culinary technique and flavor pairings to compliment their chosen espresso.

Drinks will be crafted on the world-renowned Slayer espresso machine alongside other cutting edge technology. To experience the fruits of their labor, a limited number of $20 tickets will be issued to sample a flight of all five drinks. Partial proceeds will be donated to Coffee Kids, a non-profit organization that provides aid to coffee farming families all over the world.

The menu includes items such as the “Bexar” by Aaron Blanco of The Brown Coffee Co.which uses a base of mascarpone cheese with agave nectar folded into it, and freshly pressed blueberry juice over which a shot of espresso is poured. Neil Oney of Tamp Tamp, Inc. created the “Chocolate Pear Du Creme” which uses a hollowed Bartlett pear, lined with vahlrona chocolate.  On the inside lays a homemade hazelnut whipped cream, cooked pear puree, and espresso.  Other participants include Katie Cargulio of Counter Culture Coffee, Dan Streetman of Dallis Bros. Coffee and Erik Becker ofRBC NYC.

In addition, RBC will be streaming the three-day World Barista Competition live on our flat screen TVs.

RBC NYC is located at 71 Worth Street in Tribeca.

For RSVP’s and questions, please email info@rbcnyc.com.