Ethiopia Ardi

Importing coffee from its birthplace, Ethiopia, has become a particular art in the modern age of regulated commodities. Dallis Bros. works closely with trusted pros within the country to help us access the best of the classic, red-berry, huge fruit coffees its growers are most known for, like this one we call Ardi.

Ethiopia is a land of legend, whether it’s the discovery of coffee or the unearthing of a 4.4-million-year-old prehuman fossil nicknamed Ardi. Our friend Samuel Demisse, who has a personal relationship to this mill, began importing this beautifully processed natural coffee from the Guji region around the same time that Ardi-the-skeleton was recognized, and thus his spectacular coffee is named in tribute.

About 60 miles south of the famous small town of Yirgacheffe there is a town called Hagere Maryam. All of the Ardi coffee comes from one mill in this town. Starting next year there will be two more additional mills buying and processing coffee for Samuel.

This is a natural processed coffee, which helps to yield the super typical blueberry and strawberry flavors that are found in the cup. In order to control the drying process of this coffee it is first dried for two weeks on raised beds in the sun. There are several women who clean the coffee as it dries. Any under-ripe cherry (green in color) stands in stark contrast to all the red cherries on the bed. All the under-ripe cherries are removed, and after two weeks, the coffee is set to dry on a concrete patio.

Demisse, who now lives in the United States, comes from a family of coffee producers. His father owned a mill in Ethiopia and a farm as well. Samuel grew up picking coffee and attending coffee ceremonies, and has been selling fine Ethiopian coffees to Dallis Bros. for years now.