Jose Isidro Lara

We’ve long been fans of coffee from this part of Honduras, incorporating it into our favorite blends. But Jose Isidro Lara’s prolific, organic farm begged to be highlighted as a single origin coffee, with all the sweet, tangy complexity that can open minds about coffee.

Jose Isidro Lara is an attentive farmer. He loves his coffee trees, but he hates dirt. He’s as fastidious about his patios as he is passionate about coffee. When we visited his farm well after the harvest season, his patio and wet mill remained spotless, like they had been scrubbed the day before.

We asked Jose how he processed his coffee: animatedly talking a million miles an hour, he detailed every step of picking, sorting, fermenting, washing, cleaning, and all the other steps important to Specialty Coffee. He stressed that the slightest degradation in his coffee would pull it off his export list — he would rather sell a coffee locally or not at all than damage his relationships with his buyers in an international market.

The farms in this region, specifically in the town of Capucas, where Jose’s farm and mill are located, are typically very productive and totally organic. The rich black soil, rainfall, and altitude are just perfect for coffee.

Traditionally, the coffee that Dallis Bros. Coffee has purchased from this region is sold in our Red Den and Unisphere blends. After meeting Jose and tasting his coffee it was clear that we needed to highlight this particular farmer and his hard work. His enthusiasm shines in the cup, and so does ours.