Giving it up for “The Sixth Borough” and MilkBoy

We’d like to be the first to decree the NYC-Philly rivalry over and done with. You know what? We’ve always loved Philadelphia, not just for its history but for its constantly leading culture and cuisine—and we especially love that it’s such a short trip from Ozone Park to a whole other world.

On this note, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have entered a partnership in bringing our coffee to Philly with one of the city’s most influential leaders in both culture and coffee, and folks we’ve been friends with for a long time, MilkBoy.

Established in first as a recording studio in North Philly, MilkBoy’s empire today includes a spacious cafe on the Main Line in Ardmore, a bar, restaurant and live music venue in Philly’s city center, as well as the renowned recording studio. And we all know music people “get” coffee more than anyone else—so who better to lead a killer coffee program than the guys who lead a killer music venue?

We went down to Philly to check out both MilkBoy cafes (okay—one portrays the outward appearance of a bar, but where else can you drink a wonderfully crafted espresso and a YuengLing from 7:00am until after midnight?) and tour some of the city’s other amazing cafes and pop-ups, like Ultimo Coffee, Odd Fellows, Shot Tower, One Shot and Rival Bros. After spending another fun day cruising Philly, we at Dallis Bros. feel honored to be part of bringing coffee to this great town—and great coffee town.

So next time you’re in the City of Brotherly Love, sidle up to the bar on Chestnut Street for a great espresso or single origin coffee, grab a bite and a beer, and stay for a great band upstairs. And if you want to kick back, head out to Ardmore, where our coffees are crafted on a beautiful La Marzocco GB5 machine in a sunny, warm room full of big-city-small-community charm. And much as we love our own city where we’ve roasted coffee for 99 years—you’ll see right away what we love about Philly—because MilkBoy is a coffee (and so much more) company all about loving Philly too.