SUMATRA Fair Trade Organic

Lively and sparked, we love the clean, effervescent dynamics of our coffee from Sumatra. Coffees from this prolific region are known for an intensely rich, often fruity depth, and we’ve sought out the best from Sumatra’s small farming cooperatives to offer you this fully certified Fair Trade Organic coffee.

Sumatra is an interesting island nestled among the thousands of islands that make up Indonesia. Each is massive in size and diverse in profile. Fortunately for the coffee drinker, they all produce wonderful coffee. Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi are each major producers of coffee. One fact unique to Sumatra is that its farms harvest coffee ten months out of the year.  This provides a steady flow from a great cash crop – coffee – almost year-round. Most of the coffee from Sumatra comes from small farmers, that means they are delivering small quantities of coffee cherries or parchment year round to collectors, which process the cherries and sell the parchment. This makes tracing coffee back to the individual farmers near impossible.

We chose to work with cooperatives in the northern point of the island to produce our Fair Trade Organic Sumatra Coffee. This region is called Aceh. The 2010-2011 coffee harvest has been plagued with almost every type of adversity: natural disaster, low production because of irregular rains, poor quality, and most recently corruption and fraud in shipping coffee. These recent challenges have pushed us at Dallis Bros. Coffee to find quality Fair Trade Sumatra coffees where we can. This means we will be buying from a few different co-ops until the market stabilizes.

At the cupping table we call this coffee wild but clean. Every cup is fruity with hints of chocolate and a soft buzzing acidity.

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