The Skinny Pig enjoys the Alma 33 Hospitality

Dallis Bros Coffee Tasting at Alma 33


What’s more important to a busy New Yorker than a good cup of coffee? That was my thought process when I got invited to this coffee-centric dinner and drinks event last week, hosted by Alma 33 and Dallis Bros Coffee. The event was to promote the coffee from Octavio Cafe, named the best cafe in Sao Paolo, Brazil in 2009 and 2010. From start to finish, our drinks and dishes were laced with a bit of Octavio coffee and served with either a coffee-based cocktail or a cup of smooth and nutty espresso. Aside from the effects coffee and cocktails will have on your bladder, it was a lovely tasting and I learned so much about coffee! I had no idea it could get so involved. They showcased three different brewing methods on these contraptions that you would expect to see in some crazy, mad scientist’s lab. I have a Keurig Mini – it’s all I can handle. This is embarrassing to admit, but despite my cooking skills, I still don’t know how to make coffee. There, I said it. My mom is probably reading this and shaking her head in shame…

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