Sam Penix of Everyman Espresso just slam dunked his NERBC Finals Spot

Yes indeed, the East Village is being righteously represented when Mr. Sam Penix of Everyman Espresso hits center stage.  Great job Sam – that flip sig bev was amazing!  While challenging the culinary world to up the ante with coffee programming Sam put the BAR in barista with his mixology classic  –  incorporating an egg yolk into his “Apollo Flip”.

This was Sam’s second presentation in the NERBC 2011 finals, as he had a technical difficulty in the first one (a problem with the screens at the espresso machine).

Wiggles from Irving Farm one of the final 6

Wiggles of Irving Farms is interviewed by our own Dan Mueller (Dallis Brothers Coffee). Wiggles is part of the final 6 contestants who will be awaiting their fate shortly as the NERBC 2011 Barista winners are announced. Good luck Wiggles and the rest of the Finalists.

Paul Perry from Bunn

Dan Mueller interviews Paul Perry from Bunn and gets the latest on the soon-to-be-released Bunn Trifecta brewer. Check it out!


P.S.: check here for more info on the Bunn Trifecta.

Erin M. with Gimme Coffee

Erin M. with Gimme Coffee speaks to Dan Mueller about the competition at the NERBC 2011, performance time during the brewers cup, and the overall excitement of the event. ERIN WON THE NERBC 2011 BREWERS CUP!!!! Congrats ERIN!!!

Wiggles’ presentation at NERBC 2011

There was probably no other finalist as charismatic as Wiggles Peters from Irving Farm. We leave this photo series as a tribute to one of the most enchanting baristas in NYC.

Billy Wilson of “Barista”

Billy Wilson of “Barista“, a cafe based out of Portland, Oregon speaks to Dan Mueller of Dallis Brothers Coffee. Billy speaks briefly of his cafes and retail operations as well as the NERBC 2011 and being a judge for the event.

Danielle G. from cafe grumpy

Danielle Glasky from Cafe Grumpy speaking about the wild latte art throwdown sponsored by Dallis Brothers Coffee on Saturday night, April 9th at Highland Lofts. Danielle who won the throwdown, received an origin trip to Brazil from Dallis Brothers. Great work Danielle, we all truly enjoyed all the rounds of your latte art. Have fun in Brazil!!!

Byron Holcomb on Dallis Brothers 5th Bar Cafe at the NERBC 2011

Byron Holcomb  coffee director at Dallis Brothers Coffee speaks with Dan Mueller regarding Dallis Coffee’s line at the 5th Bar at the NERBC 2011. The Coffee being served by Dallis Coffee at the 5th bar included  LiquidAmbar – Nicaragua, Don Mayo-Costa Rica, La Pinera – El Salvador, Las Amazones- Honduras, Kimabara-Kenya and Dallis Coffee’s famous NY Espresso blend. Keep on rockin Byron!

Brandon Duff on the floor

Brandon from RBC NYC cafe performing in the NERBC 2011 finals.

Wanna get involved with the BGA? Check out this interview

In between performances at the NERBC 2011, Anne Nylander and Benjamin Wilkinson, who both work extensively with the Barista Guild of America, explain to Dan Mueller how baristas can get involved with the coffee community and talk about the BGA’s skill building workshops, classes and other activities. Check it out!