Koichi-Rock n’ Roll

Our final competitor of the night, Mr. Koichiro Goto was a zen master on the stage, with the flair of a true performance artist!

His signature beverage was brilliantly simple, incorporating an organic soy milk that perfectly matched the sweetness of his espresso, making for one tasty cortado.

The smooth-jams and final bow at the end didn’t hurt his cache, either.

The Rise of a Phoenix!

With vim and vigor, Phoenix Coffee superstar Wesley Johansen stormed through his first cappuccino course before the judges could blink!

His coffee, a natural Ethiopian from the Sidama region, was both bright and clean – a rarity within the realm of natural coffees.  He was utterly collected and perfectly genial.  It was tough to watch him do his thing and NOT smile.
Uh oh, his hair is ablaze!  It seems we may see the rising of a phoenix before this weekend is through!

Mean-Muggin’ with Muggswigz Coffee and Tea Co.

No, just kidding.  No mean-mugging with this lady.

Jillian Roholt brings it all to the table with some killer espresso and an absolutely solid performance.  Watch her here as she pulls the judges some espresso with poise and confidence.


We’re a bit Roff around the edges… PART 2

Part 2 of Jessica Roff’s presentation at the North East Regional Barista Competition (NERBC) 2011 representing Dallis Bros. Coffee!

We’re a bit Roff around the edges… PART 1

but it kind of works for us!

Dallis Bros Coffee competitor Jessica Roff brings her passion for indigenous peoples and culinary experimentation to the game, and boy did she throw down!

Her signature drink, a deconstructed s’more, involved unrefined sugar, vegetarian marshmallows and chocolate hand-crafted by a small Ecuadorian co-op.

And what’s best of all – the drink is totally awesome!
Much love to Jessica for a fantastic performance.


(part 2 of her presentation coming right next)

Great Line by Jessica Roff

Jessica Roff is up and running using a Papa New Guinea from Dallis Brothers Coffee.

Jessica’s great line to the judges “I will be taking you on a Fire-Based Tasting Journey” Awesome Line!

Fire it up Jess! We are cheering you on.

And now a word from La Marz-OMG!!!

La Marzocco distributors are few and far between.  Those that will tear their lips away from an insanely creamy macchiato touched by the hand of resident barista legend Philip Search are true diamonds in the rough.

Thanks to Mike Delgado from La Marzocco for taking a moment to discuss the beautiful La Strada pressure-profiling espresso machine that Dallis Bros Coffee will have on hand at the Greatest Latte Art Throwdown of All Time!
What are your thoughts on pressure profiling.  Feel free to use the comment space below to chip in!

The Great Silt Wars of 2011!

But seriously, folks…. what’s it gonna be?
High and dry or a flat-bottom bed?
It can’t be both… CAN IT?!

Dallis Bros Coffee’s Teresa von Fuchs and Bill from Think Coffee discuss the merits of coffee bed distribution when it comes to the fickle art of the manual brew?

If you have a particular viewpoint, please leave a comment and make a case for one or the other, or something entirely different!

Simply not your average Joe…

Joe Palozzi, of Kobricks Coffee, combines fizzy water, espresso and a floral infusion to create a gorgeously drinkable signature beverage.  It was a pleasure to watch this cool cat at work.  Notice the precision, measuring each shot with the care of a mother bear pampering her cubs!

Okay, no more animal analogies, I promise.


What has Ultimo Coffee been up to Gel-lately?

They’ve been hard at work practicing for this years’ NERBC, that’s what.  Here you see Brian Gelletly preparing, describing and serving his first set of cappuccinos.  Due to my angle, you may have to take it on faith that they looked incredible.

Keep it up Brian!  Coffee love knows no bounds!