Factory Tours and Formal Coffee Tasting

Join us for a tour of our coffee roasting factory and tasting room in Ozone Park, Queens!  The first Saturday of each month we will offer a few hours of local history, coffee tasting, and a tour de force of our roasting plant hosted by John Moore.  Our next tour is Saturday, July 10th beginning at 1:00 and wrapping up at about 4:30.  Space on the tour is limited so book now at orders@dallisbroscoffee.com.  Tours are $10, and due to the tasting component we ask that all participants keep perfumes and colognes at home.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

RBC NYC Presents “Coffee as a Culinary Medium”

In conjunction with the 2010 World Barista Competition, RBC NYC is premiering some of the countries top coffee specialists at “Coffee As a Culinary Medium.” On June 24, from 7pm – 9:30pm, five expert baristas will present the signature drink they created for this year’s regional and national competitions. Each barista will discuss the process of how they created a signature beverage and used culinary technique and flavor pairings to compliment their chosen espresso.

Drinks will be crafted on the world-renowned Slayer espresso machine alongside other cutting edge technology. To experience the fruits of their labor, a limited number of $20 tickets will be issued to sample a flight of all five drinks. Partial proceeds will be donated to Coffee Kids, a non-profit organization that provides aid to coffee farming families all over the world.

The menu includes items such as the “Bexar” by Aaron Blanco of The Brown Coffee Co.which uses a base of mascarpone cheese with agave nectar folded into it, and freshly pressed blueberry juice over which a shot of espresso is poured. Neil Oney of Tamp Tamp, Inc. created the “Chocolate Pear Du Creme” which uses a hollowed Bartlett pear, lined with vahlrona chocolate.  On the inside lays a homemade hazelnut whipped cream, cooked pear puree, and espresso.  Other participants include Katie Cargulio of Counter Culture Coffee, Dan Streetman of Dallis Bros. Coffee and Erik Becker ofRBC NYC.

In addition, RBC will be streaming the three-day World Barista Competition live on our flat screen TVs.

RBC NYC is located at 71 Worth Street in Tribeca.

For RSVP’s and questions, please email info@rbcnyc.com.

Our Flickr page

Here at Dallis Bros. Coffee, we like sharing what we do because what we do is a lot of fun. We have fun employees and fun customers, and they happen to do fun things together very often. You can stay in touch with us through our website, this blog/news section, twitter, facebook and our Flickr page. As all our social media initiatives are just getting started (but we’ve been working on them for almost 2 years now), I wanted to introduce you today to a little piece of it, our Flickr page.

You can see it at http://www.flickr.com/photos/dallisbroscoffee/ or by searching flickr for dallis coffee.

We already have over a thousand pictures and videos of our farm/barista/cafe/restaurant/etc events, our artisanal coffee roastery in Ozone Park, NY, our beautiful coffee farm in Brazil, the farms we source coffee from around the world, detailed pics and video of how coffee is grown and produced, coffee drinks and all sorts of fun coffee stuff. We are a very open company and hope to share our existence and everything that is going on with us with all of you that care for us and that have kept us living well for 97 years. Whether you are a cafe that uses our coffee and wants to get pictures of the farm your coffee is coming from, or an online customer or you are just checking us out, our Flickr page has a lot about us and about coffee.

And make sure to check back often, as we have new material pretty much every week. Enjoy!

Serious Eats – Coffee Tree to Cup in Brazil

On June 14th, SeriousEats.com started a 5-part series featuring our coffee farm in Brazil, Fazenda Nossa Senhora Aparecida!

Now, we may want to explain this better. As some of you know, our company has a coffee farm and roastery in the Alta Mogiana region of Brazil (São Paulo state) and a breath-taking 12,000 ft² cafeteria in the city of São Paulo. We’ll have more on this later as our blog has just come to life…

With that said, in this series, journalist Carey Jones goes through the entire cycle of growing and production of the coffee that we serve at Octavio Café in São Paulo. The articles are very detailed and a great read, as they show a coffee production process that is relatively sophisticated, unique in several ways and that challenges many paradigms in the specialty coffee world today.

This is a fantastic introduction to the world of Dallis Bros. Coffee and Octavio Café. We certainly couldn’t have written it better ourselves! In future posts, we’ll explain in more detail how we grow, process, roast and brew Octavio Café.

Stay tuned and have fun!

Coffee Tree to Cup in Brazil: Part I, The Farm
Coffee Tree to Cup in Brazil: Part 2, The Harvest
Coffee Tree to Cup in Brazil: Part 3, The Processing
Coffee Tree to Cup in Brazil: Part 4, The Roasting
Coffee Tree to Cup in Brazil: Part 5, The Drink

Ozersky Does Dallis – A Tour of Dallis Coffee

Second part of Josh Ozersky’s visit to our roastery.

A Tour of Dallis Coffee from Ozersky.TV on Vimeo.

Dallis Does New York – Edible Manhattan

Hey folks,

We’re very excited that a story on Dallis Bros. Coffee’s almost centenary history came out on Edible Magazine!!! Click here to read the full article online on Edible Manhattan May/June ’10. Or check out the same article with gorgeous vintage photos – it’s worth it – in the Edible Brooklyn digital edition.

We’re on TV

Josh Ozersky made two videos about Dallis, the first one being about a coffee cupping, check it out below:

Dallis Coffee Cupping from Ozersky.TV on Vimeo.

Fazenda Nossa Senhora Aparecida, Brazil

Like our own coffee company, Fazenda Nossa Senhora Aperecida has a story built on a passion for coffee through generations. We couldn’t be happier to be partnered with this farm to bring such a pleasing, graceful coffee — full of smooth chocolate, hazelnut, and nougat—to New York City and beyond.

Octavio Coffee’s story starts back in 1890 when Giusepe and his son Vicente Quércia came to Brazil from Italy and began cultivating coffee. Octavio, Vicente’s son, followed the family tradition and began growing coffee in Alta Mogiana in the 1940s. Octavio knew that the good soil and altitude of the region would enable him to grow the highest quality coffee.

In 2002 Octavio’s son Orestes Quércia continued the family line and took over the company, implementing many new approaches to the farm. The farm has since been passed along to the fifth generation of Quércias — a true family heirloom. While still producing some of the finest coffees at the Nossa Senhora Aparecida farm, Octavio Coffee also includes a top of the line roasting facility and the Octavio Café, named the best café in São Paolo.

At Nossa Senhora Aparecida, sustainability is seen as an important part of quality coffee; high tech processes have been blended with ancient practices to ensure a continually regenerating land. The farm is also certified by the Rainforest Alliance and Utz Kapeh, two important social and environmental certifications.

In 2007, Octavio Coffee purchased and partnered with Dallis Coffee here in Queens, NewYork. Dallis Coffee is proud to represent the farm’s hard work, from its social and environmental efforts to its consistently delicious coffees. Each new harvest we visit the farm and taste each of the numerous lots that are just out of the fields. This coffee lot provides a deliciously sweet, smooth cup laden with notes of dates, nougat, almond butter, milk chocolate, and roasted hazelnuts.

Buy coffee from Nossa Senhora Aparecida here.