Dominican Republic – Finca La Paz

We have offered this special coffee for two years. It comes from the farm of one of our own: Byron Holcomb, our Director of Coffee. Finca La Paz’s name was inspired by the two years that Byron lived in Los Fríos, Dominican Republic, as a Peace Corps Volunteer (Cuerpo de Paz in Spanish). Nearly six years ago, Byron purchased the farm from an old friend. Some things have changed in Los Fríos in those years, and some things haven’t. The community still doesn’t have electricity, and the running water only comes once a day.
Coffee takes a long time to grow from a seed to a fruit. Usually there is a 4 year gap between planting and the first real harvest. Finca La Paz was basically abandoned when it was purchased, but is already showing its great potential. This year’s crop is even better than last year, owing to the lack of rain during the drying season and the attention to detail during the fertilizing and harvesting from farm manager Antonio.

Over the next few years, Byron will plant a specific percentage of the farm with Typica, Red Caturra and Yellow Catuai based on cupping experiments here at Dallis Bros. Almost every process has been tried on the farm. The best result was a dry fermentation, washed and then dried on raised beds and finished on a patio. This particular lot incorporates that process, as well as a small amount of natural processed coffee, mixed in for flavor complexity. We love this as both espresso and as drip coffee.