El Lagulito

A citric-yet-savory coffee with great presence in the cup, El Lagulito is the product of both two special coffees, and our continued interest in rediscovering the huge potential in coffees often overlooked in the Dominican Republic. We’re excited to offer this beautiful blend from farms in two of the best coffee-growing regions in the country.

Nowadays, it’s rare to see Dominican Coffee offered on a roaster’s single origin offering sheet. But in the 1950s, the Dominican Republic was one of the major coffee producers for the United States coffee market. Times have changed.

Our Coffee Director, Byron Holcomb, has particular expertise in the Dominican Republic, having lived there — and owning his own coffee farm there. Through his firsthand experience and his contacts in the DR, Byron has been able to both find great coffees and tell their stories.

El Lagulito is classified as one kind of coffee, Tipo Juncalito, because it meets the elevation and cup characteristics required for this well-known Dominican region. But it comes from two different towns, Las Lagunas and Juncalito. The coffee from Las Lagunas has a brighter, orange-driven acidity while Juncalito has a peach acidity and a bigger body. Both are great on their own. However we decided to combine them, because as they were blended they tasted really beautiful together. The sum of the parts is truly greater than the whole on this one.

Both coffees were picked ripe, fermented and then washed and patio dried. The coffee from Las Lagunas comes from one of the highest growing altitudes in the region, which many say contributes to the coffee’s acidity. Warm tasting notes of cedar are also found, a perfect expression of the romantic cedar trees that shade the region’s coffee trees.