Ethiopia Kochere

Ethiopia is known the world over for its beautiful coffee. Not only is it the birthplace of all Arabica coffea (Arabica) coffee, it is home to some of the most diverse regions, varieties and cup profiles. In 2009, the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange was started and coffee was included with other products like, sesame seeds, wheat and corn. The idea was to organize these markets and provide the farmers with greater clarity on how pricing is set.

One effect of the ECX is that there is an incredible amount of control, grading and regulation of coffee. Coffee, after all, is the largest dollar-value export for Ethiopia and therefore critically important to the health of the entire economy. Coffees that are delivered to the ECX lose their traceability upon arrival to the warehouse. The coffee is graded and the “acabi” (miller) is given a ticket. Then the coffee is sold per grade and volume, not per specific farmer or delivery. When coffee is graded there are specific regions and grades given for quality. We can tell you this coffee came from Kochere because there it received a Kochere Grade. Kochere is a high altitude region just south of the small town of Yirgacheffe. This is as close as traceability now gets in Ethiopia.

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