Guatemala Chajulense Fair Trade Organic

We’re huge fans of the big flavor of Guatemalan coffees, and of cooperative farming that truly works, both at the farmer level and the quality in the cup. Hints of Key lime pie and berries drew us in to this beautiful coffee, whose renowned co-op is a great example of farming done right.

Cooperatives can do lots of things at origin. They often provide great social services to their members and they can provide several container loads of coffee to buyers. Chajulense is a co-op that has members in 57 different small communities, with projects as diverse as supporting ecotourism, honey production, and even running their own radio station. When co-ops are large, it is rare that they produce quality levels that could actually meet the standards of Dallis Bros. Coffee. But this coffee is different.

This flavorful coffee is picked by the individual farmers and processed on their farms. It is then fully dried and delivered to the co-op. The Chajulenses are packed with unique culture. Part of their attitude is that the benefits of the coffee should be divided amongst all the members. This means it is unlikely that they will be producing microlots to highlight specific farmers. That said, some containers arrive with wonderful cup scores, depending on when the coffee was picked and which farmers contributed to it. We were able to pick up this lot through our relationship with Chajulense’s importer, and were thrilled with the complexity and comprehensiveness of its flavor – sweet berry fruit, sweet lime, honey, granola, and a creamy body. This coffee really stood out.