NERBC Competitor Times!

As we’ve mentioned once or twice in the past, the 2012 Northeast Regional Barista Competition is THIS WEEKEND, February 25 and 26 at 7W Studios, 7 West 34th Street, in New York City. We’re proud to host this event in the city we’ve roasted coffee in for nearly 100 years, and we’re even prouder of the eight talented baristas representing our coffee that registered to compete this year!

If you’d like to catch some of the action, either stop by the competition anytime Saturday from 8am-5pm or Sunday (finals!) from noon til 5. Those tuning in at home can watch a live stream here. Check out these guys if you get the chance—they have been working SO hard.

SATURDAY COMPETITION SCHEDULE (times subject to change)

Rose-Emma Lunderman (“Oh my god there’s so much in my head and I’m really high on espresso.”)
Root Hill Cafe

Cara Vincente (“Dude, relax. Everything is gonna be awesome, okay? We can do this.”)
Think Coffee 9:12am

Tommy Green (“Mike dexter is a god. Mike dexter is a role model!”)
Tiny’s Giant

Mike DeJesus (“Why did I decide to do this?!!?”)
Dallis Bros.
Coffee 12:03pm

Justin Schulz (“Now what happens?”)

Philip Search (“It’s gonna be awesome.”)
Dallis Bros. Coffee
1:57 pm

And our two brilliant Brewer’s Cup competitors….

Teresa von Fuchs (“Jangly and weepy, sleep deprivation? Too much espresso? Or just so proud of all the hard work these folks brought and keep bringing.”)
Dallis Bros. Coffee


Bill McAllister Dallis Bros. Coffee

See you there, coffee world!!