Colombia Wiyer Ramos


Colombia Wiyer Ramos

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Sweet chocolate & floral notes, high body and clean finish.

5 lb. Bags only available in Whole Bean.

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Origin – Colombia

Location – La Esperanza Farm, Morales Cauca

Processing method – Traditional Washed

Altitude – (5,500 feet)

Varietal – Caturra

The department of Cauca lies in the South-west portion of Colombia tucked between the coffee producing giants of Tolima, Nariño, and Huila. Though not as well know as it’s neighbors Cauca has revealed some hidden gems. One of these has been the farm of Wiyer Ramos, La Esperanza.

An elevation of more than 6000’ allows for slower maturation and more flavor development in this coffee. The coffee is harvested at peak ripeness and milled at the farm. This coffee has deep rich body, dark fruit note and bright citrus acidity.

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