Ethiopia Gedeb


Ethiopia Gedeb

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Strawberry, kiwi, blueberry, apricot.  Super juicy and tangy.

5 lb. Bags only available in Whole Bean.

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Origin ­­- Ethiopia

Location – Gedeb. Yirgacheffe/Gedio Zone

Processing method – Washed

Altitude – 1,770 – 2,200 MASL (~5,577 – 7,218 feet)

Annual Rainfall – 1,200mm – 1,599mm

Mean Annual Temperature – 59 – 68 Degrees F.

Soil Type – Clay to Clay Loam Reddish Brown

Varietal – Arabica, Indigenous Heirloom Cultivars

The “Gedeb” site is located in the fertile SNNPR regional State, in Gedio zone/Yirgacheffe, in the Gedeb district, approximately 437 km (~272 miles) South of Addis Ababa.

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