Unisphere Swiss Water Process Decaf

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unisphere decaf1..JPG

Unisphere Swiss Water Process Decaf

from 14.00

Berry, Nougat, Malt

Fair Trade & Organic

5 lb. Bags only available in Whole Bean.

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Here at Dallis Brothers Coffee we respect decaf drinkers. They're the people who drink coffee not for the buzz, but for the ritual and the flavor.

In order to produce a good decaf coffee we need to first start with good green (unroasted) coffee. Then that coffee should be decaffeinated without use of chemicals — like the Swiss Water Process method. The Swiss Water Process involves putting the green coffee in a hot water bath to extract the caffeine and flavor compounds in the coffee. Then the water is run through a carbon filter where the caffeine attaches to the filter. The flavor compounds are reintroduced into the coffee and dried.

We go through all the effort of finding you a nice decaf so that you can enjoy drinking it. Our Unisphere Blend Decaf is delicious with notes of milk chocolate and subtle notes of cinnamon wrapped around a creamy body.

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