Wiggles from Irving Farm one of the final 6

Wiggles of Irving Farms is interviewed by our own Dan Mueller (Dallis Brothers Coffee). Wiggles is part of the final 6 contestants who will be awaiting their fate shortly as the NERBC 2011 Barista winners are announced. Good luck Wiggles and the rest of the Finalists.

Wiggles’ presentation at NERBC 2011

There was probably no other finalist as charismatic as Wiggles Peters from Irving Farm. We leave this photo series as a tribute to one of the most enchanting baristas in NYC.

Brandon Duff on the floor

Brandon from RBC NYC cafe performing in the NERBC 2011 finals.

Park Brannen knocks it out of the park

The performance that earned Park Brannen, from Cafe Grumpy, the 3rd place in the NERBC 2011.

Mr. Mike Jones on da floor!

Mike Jones, from Third Rail Coffee, in an impeccable presentation at the NERBC 2011 finals.

Ladies & Gentlemen – Philip Search! Taking it to the wire…

Dallis Bros Coffee’s own Philip Search took the full 15:00 and it was worth every second.  Working his magic and throwing down the gauntlet to grinder manufacturers everywhere.  Philip’s own construction, a Frankenstein grinder that he cobbled together from the flotsam and jetsam of  our service shop’s cadavers. Great job Philip!


Philip Search looks ready for the action…

That’s right – Philip Search of Dallis Bros Coffee is a man on a mission.  As you can see, he is not messing around.

Mr. Sam Penix of Everyman Espresso is NERBC Finalist Numero Uno Today

Sam Penix from Everyman Espresso in NYC is the first of 6 finalists on the floor. Go Sam!

UPDATE: It was found later there was a fault with the espresso machine during Sam’s presentation, and he’ll get another chance to present again later in the day.

Nice guy, nice tats – Mr Sam Penix!

Dan Mueller and Dr. Jones on a quick interview with Sam Penix from Everyman Espresso right before his presentation. Sam is the first finalist to present at the NERBC 2011! Go Sam!

and the NERBC 2011 finalists are…

Congratulations to the NERBC 2011 finalists!  This year’s finalists are (in the order of their appearance tomorrow):

1 – Sam Penix, Everyman Espresso

2 – Philip Search, Dallis Bros Coffee

3 – Mike Jones, Third Rail Coffee

4 – Wiggles Peters, Irving Farm

5 – Brandon Duff, RBC NYC

6 – Park Brannen, Cafe Grumpy

Finals will begin tomorrow at 10:30 a.m.

Congratulations to all of the baristas who have competed this year are most certainly in order.  Their collective efforts have been truly inspirational and a testimony to just how remarkable the coffee culture in NYC has become.  Thank you to you all!