Dallis Bros. Coffee Lab & Training Center

A place of learning

There are many places to learn the skills of the barista. Many coffee companies offer training and maintain a space to provide that training. So, why is the Dallis Coffee Studio and Training Lab special?

This is the only place in the city where you come for private instruction where the space and equipment are as elevated as you aspire to be. Where you are free from judgment and encouraged to make all your mistakes away from watchful eye of the customer or your manager.

This is the place where you can get your hands on the coffee and be as mired in practical skills or theoretical musings as you like. Where you can take a break and watch your peers develop and learn from their growth.

This is a place where your instructor is a Q Grader, roaster, and the source of the coffee you are preparing. Any questions you have can be answered. Any encouragement you need will be there.

The Dallis Bros. Coffee Studio and Training Lab is in the tradition of the Greek Agora where philosophers exchanged ideas and grew from their discourse. This is something you cannot find anywhere else.

Dallis Bros. would like to leave an open invitation for coffee professionals, coffee lovers, baristas, waiters, champions, amateurs and fans to visit, taste, train, converse or simply watch.