Unisphere Blend

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Unisphere Blend

from 12.00

Berry, Nougat, Malt

Fair Trade & Organic

5 lb. Bags only available in Whole Bean.

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The name Unisphere celebrates the rich heritage of Queens, paying homage to the World’s Fair icon that represents the borough’s contributions to innovation, and the promise of what our world can produce when the best and brightest come together. Dallis Bros., like the World’s Fairgrounds that also call it home, is Queens-bred through and through, defining ourselves by a history of innovation and progress. Following this inspiration, we created a blend to represent the magic that can happen when worlds of coffee come together. Our Fair Trade & Organic Unisphere is a balancing act of clean, beautiful coffees that brew a sweet morning cup.

Unisphere is a lighter roast profile which emphasizes the qualities inherent to each single origin coffee. Flavors of caramel, plum, nougat, malt, and gently glowing brightness all shine though this universally delicious blend. The balanced and sweet flavor profile augments other foods well, and makes for a great cup not just early in the morning, but throughout the whole day.

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